1 Token = £1.60

At the festival we operate a cashless bar. You can buy tokens at the desk as you enter and top up at any time. Each token is worth 1/2 pint of beer, lager or cider.

Dry Cider


  • 501. Dorset Nectar Old Harry Rocks 6.0% ABV
    Old rock’n Harry’s apples are dry.
  • 502. Moons 6.0% ABV
    Traditional cider made from apples in Somerset.

Medium Cider


  • 511. Newton Court 5.5% ABV
    Proper craft cider made from English fruit by Paul in Herefordshire.
  • 512. Janet’s Jungle Juice 6.0% ABV
    The legendary Janet’s Jungle Juice – full bodied tasty medium dry cider. By Westcroft.
  • 513. Seidr O Sir Betws 6.3% ABV
    Welsh cider. Couldn’t find a graphic. Google couldn’t tell us much either. Probably delicious.
  • 514. Springfield Sledgehammer 8.2% ABV
    Matured for several months in oak barrels that have previously held bourbon, rum or whisky to imbue the cider with subtle oak and spirit notes. Runner-up in the 2012 Welsh Cider championship.
  • 515. Blackmore Vale 5.5% ABV
    Blackmore Vale Cider in Templecombe was awarded Supreme Champion in the British Cider Championships in 2016 for this medium cider.
  • 516. Ross on Wye 6.5% ABV
    Traditional medium still cider matured in a rum barrel.
  • 517. West Milton Dorset 5.5% ABV
    Our award-winning draught cider is made from a blend of traditional cider apples grown in West Dorset orchards. The full flavour comes from allowing the fermentation to progress completely naturally then the cider is blended with our keeved cider.
  • 518. Brown’s Premium Cider 5.4% ABV
    Whin Hill Browns Premium Cider is a light & fruity tasting single variety cider with a bite. Made from Browns cider apples.

Medium Perry


  • 521. Moose Heid Scottish 5.0% ABV
    Multi award winning Scottish perry made from perry pears. Very easy drinking and smooth. High Fruit Finish.
  • 522. Oliver’s Classic 6.3% ABV
    Classic Perry medium sweet, still.
  • 523. Hartland 5.9% ABV
    Winner GOLD CAMRA Best Perry 2016.

Sweet Cider


  • 531. Wilkins 6.0% ABV
    Somerset Cider from Wilkins Farm.
  • 532. CJ’s Surprise 6.1% ABV
    Silver 2013 CAMRA Champion Cider Competition, from Wales. It is deep, golden and cloudy.
  • 533. Wallace Scottish Cider 5.0% ABV
    100% Scottish variety apple Cider. Two key Scottish apples along with some local crab apples are used to produce this red cider.
  • 534. Rich’s Legbender 6.0% ABV
    It’s a full flavoured crisp, clear still cider, making it easy to drink, But beware can make you go weak at the knees!
  • 535. Gwatkin Stoke Red single variety 7.0% ABV
    Takes its name from the area in which it was originally grown, Rodney Stoke in Somerset. Red. And sweet apparently. Oh, and blow your socks off strong, so be careful out there.
  • 536. Kent Cider Co Toffee Apple 6.0% ABV
    Without doubt the star cider of last years festival, sold out in hours! Get in quick if you want to try it this year.
  • 537. Double Vision 7.4% ABV
    Handle with care! Don’t let the sweet taste fool you, this is strong stuff.