1 Token = £1.60

At the festival we operate a cashless bar. You can buy tokens at the desk as you enter and top up at any time. Each token is worth 1/2 pint of beer, lager or cider.

Medium/Dry Cider

501. Seidr O Sir – 6.3% ABV

Welsh cider. Google couldn’t tell us much. Probably delicious!

502. Springherne Kingston Black/ Bedan – 6.0% ABV

A fairly dry cider from Ross- On-Wye, Herefordshire. We hear it goes nicely with cheese. Speaking of cheese… Did you hear about the explosion at the cheese factory? There was de-brie everywhere!

Medium Cider

503. Waulkmill – Steel Bonnet – 5.0% ABV

Scotland’s only produced pyder. Produced by blending Muckletoon rosie with our multi award winning Mooseheid perry. Easy drinking with subtle fruit after taste. Bottle conditioned.

504. Waulkmill – Muckletoon Rosie- 5.0% ABV

A crisp and fruity cider made from local Scottish grown fruit.

505. Waulkmill – Wallace 1305 – 5.0% ABV

Scotland’s true cider. Produced from three Scottish heritage variety apples. Prior to pressing the apple, pulp is left to macerate to enable some oxidation and tannin levels to increase. Good tannin, high fruit. Slightly dry finish.

506. Rich’s Cider – 6.0% ABV

Traditionally produced in Somerset.

507. Gwatkin Norman – 7.5% ABV

Gwatkin is an award-winning farmhouse in Herefordshire that makes cider and perry. This is their Norman cider (imported from Normandy in France).

508. Upper House – 5.0% ABV

A medium still cider made with a blend of apple varieties – naturally sweetened

509. Butford Organics – 5.5% ABV

A thirst quenching cider from Butford Farm in Herefordshire.

510. Oliver’s Shezam – 6.0% ABV

Medium easy drinking sparkling cider made in small batches, using hand picked fruit with minimal intervention.

Medium/Sweet Cider

511. Palmer’s Little Jenny Wren – 6.0% ABV

Made from a blend of apples from an orchard high up in a mountainous area of Powys. A golden full-bodied medium cider with a nice sherbet bite.

Sweet Cider

512. Llanblethian Orchards – Treacle Pudding – 7.0% ABV

A delicious cider from CAMRA champion cider makers of Wales – 2014, 2015 and 2017!

513. Williams Brothers – Biffyn – 6.3% ABV

An award winning sweet cider, handmade using carefully selected apples to give a unique taste and character.

514. Kent Cider Co. – Toffee Apple – 5.5% ABV

Perfect combination of crisp apple with sweet caramel
and demerara sugar gives
this traditional cider a contemporary twist. CAMRA award-winner. Get in quick, this one will sell out FAST!

515. Wilkins – 6.0% ABV

Somerset cider from Wilkins farm.

516. Newton Court – Sweet Coppin Single Variety – 6.0% ABV

Old Devon variety of apples producing mid-season pure sweet apples. Mild, bittersweet easy drinking cider with low acidity and low tannin.

Medium Perry

517. Butford Organics – 6.0% ABV

A perry from Butford Farm in Herefordshire – it really captures the aroma of pears.

518. Pagett’s Golden Slipper – 7.0% ABV

Another that probably tastes delicious , but Google doesn’t seem to know anything about!


519. Moose Heid Scottish – 5.0% ABV

Multi award winning Scottish perry made from perry pears. Very easy drinking and smooth.

520. Springherne – 6.0% ABV

A perry made in Ross-On-Wye, Herefordshire.

Lilley’s Ciders

521. Mango – 4.0% ABV

Lilley’s mango cider is a smooth and sophisticated mango cider made with an ample portion of mango juice and Somerset cider.

522. Strawberry – 4.0% ABV

A sweet berry burst which sublimely compliments the refreshing bite of an apple in this moreish juicy cider.

523. Lemon & Lime – 4.0% ABV

Lilley’s lemon and lime cider is a refreshing blend of tangy citrus fruits and crisp Somerset cider to awaken your taste buds.

524. Apple & Blackberry – 4.0% ABV

Expertly blended crisp Somerset cider with apple and blackberry juice.

525. Rhubarb – 4.0% ABV

Expertly blended, crisp Somerset cider & tangy rhubarb make this taste sensation. Sweet & full of rhubarb flavour with a tart edge to it.

526. Tropical – 4.0% ABV

Pink grapefruit, pineapple, mango & lime all combine to make this a succulent thirst quencher.

527. Peach – 4.0% ABV

A blend of Somerset cider with peach juice to create this incredibly scrumptious peach cider.

528. Elderflower – 4.0% ABV

Crisp Somerset cider infused with heavenly elderflower which creates this refreshing and luxurious clean delicate cider. Floral hints above the apple notes give a unique taste.

529. Colider – 4.0% ABV

A collision between our crisp Somerset cider and our own premium cola. Smooth and refreshing with hints of caramel. Contains caffeine!

530. Darkcider – 7.5% ABV

Dark in colour it has woody and caramel notes and has been carefully crafted to appeal more to ale drinkers than our other ciders.