1 Token = £1.60

At the festival we operate a cashless bar. You can buy tokens at the desk as you enter and top up at any time. Each token is worth 1/2 pint of beer, lager or cider.

Loch Lomond Brewery

Our local brewery has had an exciting 2018 so far… Following their success in 2017, winning CAMRA champion beer of Scotland and SIBA Scotland Champion Cask Beer and Champion Bottle Beer, the brewery decided to refresh their brand! The new designs are based on a range of photography taken around the shoreline of Loch Lomond.

1. Southern Summit - 4.0% ABV

American style pale ale with a juicy citrus fruit aroma and grapefruit flavour. This ale proved so popular that they decided to keep it as a regular. Light blonde but highly hopped with Summit and Citra hops.

2. Bonnie & Blonde - 4.0% ABV

A beautifully balanced pale ale with floral and orange aromas which lead to a sweet, malty biscuit flavour and a citrus finish.

3. West Highland Way - 3.7% ABV

A tropical pale ale with a stone fruit aroma. The light citrus flavour is rounded off with a clean and refreshing finish.

4. Silky Stout - 5.0% ABV

A rich dark oatmeal stout. Roast coffee aromas lead to a rich, creamy chocolate flavour on the palate and a smooth finish. This stout won the CAMRA Champion Beer of Scotland Gold award in 2017.

5. Lost in Mosaic - 5.0% ABV

A new world IPA. Pineapple and citrus aromas with orange and melon on the palate.

6. Out of Range - 5.9% ABV

A New England IPA. Tropical fruit on the nose with sweet, juicy flavours on the palate and a lingering orange finish. This one was awarded Silver at the SIBA awards 2018!

Lerwick Brewery

Based in Shetland, the beer is made in the most northerly isles of Scotland. The mild winters and cool summers with crisp fresh air and clear water allows them to develop their growing range of unique beers.

7. Lerwick IPA - 5.0% ABV

This is their brand new bottled beer. It has a big, hoppy and fruity hit from the Cascade hops, balanced out by a sweet, malty backbone and a slightly bitter finish.

8. Azure - 4.3% ABV

A light hoppy ale, this one is named after the colour of the Pacific Ocean as it is made using hops from either side of the Pacific, Rakau from New Zealand and Cascade from America. Refreshingly floral on the nose with aromas and flavours of elderflower, followed by a slightly bitter finish.

9. Laeverek - 4.5% ABV

Laeverek is a Crofthoose Saison, a Shetland take on a classic Belgian beer style – the Saison, or farmhouse ale. Produced using a combination of Pale Ale and Vienna malts and oats to give a unique Shetland twist. This creates a smooth, light and slightly hazy pale golden beer.

Fyne Ales

Fyne Ales are all about producing an outstanding range of modern British beers, which are made in a spectacular location.

10. Jarl - 3.8% ABV

Jarl is their best selling beer and has won a number of prestigious awards. Light and golden colour with a strong citrus and hop aroma. Citrus and grassy hop flavours dominate the palate with a light and refreshing dry finish.

11. Avalanche - 4.5% ABV

Named after the Cascade hops used to create it, this true golden ale starts with stunning citrus aroma on the nose. Well-balanced with good body and fruit flavours, it has a refreshingly hoppy taste and finishes with a long bittersweet aftertaste.

12. Hurricane Jack - 4.5% ABV

A pale golden beer with an aroma of sweet malt and light fruity hops. Citrus flavours are prominent with tangerine notes and a subtle lemon kick on the end. Great thirst quencher and a delicious session beer.

13. Vital Spark - 4.4% ABV

A very rich dark ale, with berry and roasted malt aromas followed by dark fruit flavours and a long dry finish. Created using Amarillo and Cascade hops to give a unique and delicious flavour.

Merchant City Brewing Co.

Craft beer brewery in Glasgow producing quality ales and lagers.

14. Light Ale (GF) - 3.9% ABV

A Gluten Free, easy-drinking, golden session beer with a satisfying biscuit malt flavour balanced with a light floral hop aroma.

15. Red Ale - 4.0% ABV

A session strength, Irish-style, red ale with a big dose of hops. Well-rounded and balanced with a caramel malt flavour alongside hop and roasted grain aromas.

Fintry Brewing Company

Fintry Brewery was established in 2012 as an initiative by four members of the Fintry community, each with a very different background, but all sharing a passion for beer. Put together a Scientist, a Medic, a Musician and a Chef you have a brewery! They create high quality real ales inspired by the local terrain – with all their ales named after local landmarks…

16. Clachertyfarlie - 3.9% ABV

A full bodied, hoppy golden ale, combining UK and US West Coast hops – pine, mango, floral.

17. Cantywheery - 4.0% ABV

Mild and mellow with hints of mandarin citrus. Brewed and dry hopped with German varieties for bitterness/aroma/flavour.

18. Dunmore IPA - 4.2% ABV

A crisp, clean palate with a generous helping of pilsner malt along with the best Maris Otter pale malt – bright, zesty, citrus and passion fruit.

Bullhouse Brewing Company

Tasty beers brewed by hand under the shadow of Scrabo Tower in Newtownards, Northern Ireland.

19. SmallAxe - 4.3% ABV

The fan favourite. Packed full of juicy, aromatic hops with a nice bitter finish. Unfined, unfiltered, unpasteurised.

20. P45 - 4.8% ABV

A dangerously drinkable American Pale Ale. Strong biscuity backbone underpinned with a plentiful dose of citrus fruit from the Amarillo.

21. The Dankness - 5.5% ABV

New England IPA with intense tropical fruit aromas and flavours. Full bodied, low bitterness. Champion Beer of Belfast 2017.

22. Brainwashed - 4.0% ABV

This Germanic Lager is hopped with Hallertau Blanc and Chinook. Flavours of white grape, fresh lemongrass and tropical fruits dominate.

Beer Hut Brewing Co.

Beer Hut Brewing Company is a small batch brewery situated in the Kingdom of Mourne specialising in experimental brews and a range of core beers.

23. Killpale - 4.2% ABV

A light golden Pale Ale with fresh citrus and orange peel on the nose followed by squeezed orange, mango, papaya and light biscuit malt notes on the palate.

Hilden Brewing Co.

Perfecting their full flavoured beers year after year for 35 years making them the oldest independent brewery in Ireland.

24. Hilden Ale - 3.7% ABV

A full Irish Ale. Refreshingly clean with pronounced ‘hoppiness’.

25. Red Rye - 4.8% ABV

A full flavoured best bitter with the additional rich, pepper notes from rye malt.

26. Headless Dog - 4.2% ABV

A hoppy ale produced with North American Cascade hops and Munich malt.

27. Twisted Hop - 4.7% ABV

An Irish classic with lots of aroma, bitterness and hop flavour. A strong premium pale ale.

Jaw Brew

Family-run craft micro-brewery in Glasgow. The name ‘Jaw Brew’ was inspired by the family home on the shores of Bardowie Loch – ‘The Jaw’.

28. Fathom (Wheat Free) - 4.0% ABV

A complex dark ale with aromas of espresso coffee, chocolate and treacle. This leads to rich malt flavours in this complex beer which belies its relatively low strength.

29. Wave - 4.6% ABV

This delightfully invigorating Bavarian style cloudy wheat beer has notes of banana and spice on the palate, and a slightly sweet finish.

30. 7 Bells - 7.2% ABV

This one off oatmeal stout leads with rich traces of brambles in its powerful undercurrent of forest fruits, leaving hints of a sumptuous treacle in its wake.

31. Surf (Wheat Free) - 4.3% ABV

This snappy stimulating citrusy pale ale is tantalisingly tangy with an intriguingly dry finish. Underlying tones of apple and pine surfing in make this the perfect pour all year round – but especially in barbeque season.

WooHa Brewing Company

Based in Nairn, WooHa makes award-winning bottle and KeyKeg conditioned beer.

32. Wheat - 6.4% ABV

A true wheat beer, brewed with a 50/50 wheat/barley malt bill. The delicate malt flavour is complimented by a blood orange and pink grapefruit flavour from the American Summit hops. Deliciously moreish!

33. Blonde - 4.0% ABV

A traditional blonde ale, the WooHa Blonde is crisp and light with Herkules hops delivering bright flavours of melon and apricot. The clean, refreshing finish makes this real ale a true thirst quencher.

34. Scotch Ale - 6.0% ABV

Inspired by a traditional Scottish recipe, rich malt flavors are met with light hops and a smooth, clean finish in this moreish amber ale.

35. Sunshine IPA - 4.0% ABV

A bright, zesty, easy drinking IPA with punchy aromas of mandarin and orange and piquant citrus flavours.

Veterans Brewing

Veterans Brewing Ltd was established on the 11/11/2014. Armistice Day. The UK’s first craft brewery owned by, run by, and supporting veterans.

36. Golden Ale - 4.1% ABV

Our Golden Ale with lager like nuances and colour. It has a pleasant and surprising fruitiness along with citrus notes.

Arran Brewery

Nestled between the island’s largest mountain, Goatfell and the imposing Brodick Castle lies Arran Brewery which has been brewing award-winning craft beer for over a decade.

37. Guid Ale - 3.8% ABV

A golden hazed beer, definitely a refreshing ‘session ale’ with a delicate balance of malt and fruit.

38. Arran Blonde - 5.0% ABV

A delicate floral hoppy aroma with a subtle, well balanced finish and good character.

39. Brewery Dug - 5.5% ABV

Delicious IPA with mild citrus notes throughout and a generous bitter bite to finish. A smooth and soft mouth-feel ensures that Arran’s dug goes down well.

40. Arran Dark - 4.3% ABV

The roasted qualities combined with a pleasant bitter chocolate finish make this a well rounded “Scottish Heavy”, worthy of a few pints.

Stewart Brewery

Stewart Brewing, founded in 2004 by Steve and Jo Stewart, is Edinburgh’s local, independent brewery.

41. Jack Back - 3.7% ABV

Hoppy pale session ale packed with Citra and Mosaic hops. Punches well above its weight with plenty of tropical and citrus aromas. Moreish with a dry finish.

42. Black IPA - 5.0% ABV

On the nose are fresh pine and tropical fruit aromas from bucket-loads of Australian hops, as well as some roasted malt in the background. The taste is medium-bodied with a well-balanced bitterness, which gives way to soft roasted coffee flavours.

43. Pentland IPA - 3.9% ABV

Stewart’s flagship cask ale, Pentland IPA can be found permanently in many of Edinburgh’s finest bars. A golden dry ale, with slight fruit tones and a moderate bitterness. Fresh hop cones are added in four stages to contribute a more complex character, resulting in an easy to drink ale that offers refreshment with a little extra spice.

44. Edinburgh Gold - 4.8% ABV

Refreshing, balanced and full of flavour. This is a captivating gold bier, sophisticated in taste and rich in colour. Edinburgh Gold boasts an attractive continental hop aroma with moderate bitterness and a pleasing smooth finish.

Top Out Brewery

Award-winning Top Out Brewery Edinburgh combines Scottish and German brewing influences to create original, craft beers.

45. Drei Hopped - 2.8% ABV

Latest low-ABV, heavily hopped Rye Pale Ale. Drei is German for three and the number of new world hop varieties used in this seriously hoppy (dry hopped of course) beer. Despite its low ABV it is a highly quaffable session pale ale as the addition of rye gives it depth and body.

46. Staple Pale Ale - 4.0% ABV

A tasty, smooth, session ale that should be part of everybody’s ‘staple’ beer diet.

47. Copperheid - 3.4% ABV

One for the gingers! A balanced ale with spices, gooseberry and a bitter finish with a long ginger twist. Refreshingly different.

48. The Cone - 6.8% ABV

Named after the part of the hop plant used in brewing, The Cone gets rave reviews for its intense, complex hop profile: strong and bitter with lots of grapefruit notes.

49. Smoked Porter - 5.6% ABV

The Smoked Porter is full flavoured yet smooth with notes from both German smoked beech wood and Scottish peat, blending brewing traditions with an added twist of complexity.

50. Simon Says-On - 5.1% ABV

This wonderfully pink Berry Saison is a fruit beer. 100kg of fruit (raspberries, blackberries, blackcurrants & cherries) was added to the 1000l batch – no concentrates or flavourings used!

Shilling Brewing Co.

A ‘Brewpub’ based in the heart of Glasgow.

51. Unicorn IPA - 5.2% ABV

Like the mighty Unicorn this IPA is powerful yet delicate. A strong malty body is coupled with citrus and floral notes of big American Hops with an intensely bitter finish. No Unicorns were harmed in the making of this beer.

52. Glasgow Red - 4.4% ABV

A bitter twist on the classic red ale. Candied plums on the nose with a toffee and caramel taste is overtaken by a hoppy bitterness. Using a combination of Old and New World hops to balance out the sugary malt to create a bitter-sweet ale.

53. Black Star Teleporter - 4.2% ABV

After fermentation the beer is infused with coconut that has been roasted to caramel log levels. A dry and robust porter full of dark and roasted malts finished with a lingering coconut sweetness.

Fallen Brewing Company

The brewery based in Kippen Railway Station in the heart of rural Stirlingshire brews modern interpretations of classic styles, with an emphasis on bold flavours and New World hops.

54. New World Odyssey - 4.1% ABV

A refreshing, easy drinking lager-style beer with a fruity aroma and slightly spicy citrusy flavour. Try it with fish, shellfish, white meats, cheeses or anything spicy. Dominant flavours/aromas: Crisp, fresh, spicy.

55. Just The Ticket - 4.0% ABV

Hoppy and pale, brewed with NZ and US hops to make a refreshing light beer. Dominant flavours/aromas: Lemon, lime, tropical fruits, orange zest.

56. Local Motive - 3.9% ABV

Based on their session beer, this one is turbo-charged with Mosaic dry-hops. Easy- drinking but loads of flavour. Dominant flavours/aromas: Mango, citrus, earthy pine, stone fruits.